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The Law Firm

 Founded in 2018

Gutke Law Group was founded on the belief that any individual or entity in need of legal advice deserves attentive, affordable representation by experienced, skilled attorneys who will fight for each client's rights.  No matter what the stakes, every matter is important. We recognize that no two clients are alike, and take it upon ourselves to understand your unique circumstances and provide the legal advice and representation that will most effectively help you accomplish your goals.


We also recognize that no one wants to have their business operations or personal lives interrupted by legal problems. The legal process does not need to be painful. We view each matter through a business lens and strive to understand each client's business or personal objectives. We will work closely with you to provide strategies and solutions to help navigate smoothly and confidently through any complicated legal storms that come your way. 


Gutke Law Group operates under the following core values: precision, integrity, tenacity, transparency, collaboration, and service to community. We believe in the importance of building strong personal relationships, and view each client as a potential long-term business partner. Your legal issues deserve personalized solutions, which is what we provide to each and every client.

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